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GG - Memories GG - Memories

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How touching.


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LL - Rewrite LL - Rewrite

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Munaks have a loathing for living alone and bounce around looking for a human to approach so they may attack. They are dressed in traditional red outfits and have long queues. While fighting a munak, you may even be lucky enough to find a Munak hat which you can equip for a substantial advantage over most headgear. These hats even include the yellow sheet of paper hanging over the face. Munaks can also be tamed and kept as pets. I want a pet munak.

...also great going guys, glad to be part of it. :]

Wonchop responds:

And now you know the rest of the story. Good day.

Bird Skipper (Part 1) Bird Skipper (Part 1)

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dear lord

Great animation, funny as hell.
You sir give me inspiration.

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MelonStory MelonStory

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Best mmorpg ever created...

You should seriously consider making this online.

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